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TBC 2021: NEW RELEASE: Get Rich or Try Dying

A fictional psychological thriller featuring computer hacking, murder and much more.

7 May 2020: InfoSec Magazine Article

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to find out who falls for scams…

23 April 2020: InfoSec Webinar

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How to build a security program(me) to manage third parties and the supply chain.

4 March 2020: InfoSec Magazine Article

Coronavirus and the Cybersecurity Threat Landscape

12 & 13 February 2020: Chair for the TEISS Conference

Raef will be chairing the Threat Landscape stream at TEISS 2020 in London

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30 Jan 2020: Opening Plenary Panel @ the International Cybersecurity Forum

Social Engineering: Hack Me if You Can; Raef will be appearing as a panelist in this opening plenary session on the final day at one of the largest cybersecurity conferences in Europe (over 10,000 attendees).

The International Cybersecurity Forum (FIC) Event.

11 December 2019: InfoSec Magazine Article

The Cybersecurity Doomsday Clock: What Time is it?

Read the article here.

26 November 2019: Ethical Hacking Press Roundtable

Raef participated in the Redscan press roundtable on the topic of ethical hacking.

Read more here.

14 November 2019: Infosec Webinar

Topic: Defending against insider threats.

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3 October 2019: ISACA London Presentation

How to Hack a Human keynote speech. YouTube link to be added!

24 September 2019: BrightTalk Webinar

Raef presented on a live panel discussing; Protecting and Maintaining Cloud Security.

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5 September 2019: InfoSec Magazine Webinar

Raef presented on the topic of “Can you be secure by design?”

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14 May 2019: InfoSec Magazine Article

Cybersecurity 2019: Not Gaining Sufficient Ground Against Threats

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9 May 2019: NEW MISTI Keynote Speech for APT e-Summit

Human Hacking using the Advanced Persistent Threat Model

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12 April 2019: Another TEISS interview on Human Hacking

Are Marketeers employing human hacking techniques?

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12 April 2019: TEISS interview on Human Hacking

Cyber warfare and the human mind.

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11 April 2019: Closing Keynote Speech at ISACA Netherlands Risk Conference

Speech topic: How to Hack a Human

9 April 2019: NEW MISTI Infosec Insider Video on YouTube

Is the board to blame when there’s cyber shame?

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8 April 2019: ISACA Infosec Magazine Article

Cybersecurity 2019: Not gaining ground on the threats.

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19 March 2019: NEW MISTI Infosec Insider Video on YouTube

The top 3 dangerous cybersecurity assumptions.

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19 February 2019: NEW MISTI Infosec Insider Video on YouTube

How do you start to implement zero trust?

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12-13 February 2019: TEISS 2019 Conference.

Raef chairs the: Culture & Education stream at the TEISS 2019 conference.

5 February 2019: NEW MISTI Infosec Insider Video on YouTube

The pros and cons of zero trust…

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19 January 2019: NEW DeMISTIfying MISTI Infosec Insider Video on YouTube

To 2019 and beyond – hot topics for the year ahead.

17 January 2019: InfoSec Magazine Webinar

Malware Mayhem: The Evolving Threat Landscape

15 January 2019: NEW MISTI Insider Video on YouTube

DeMistifying Security: 2018 year in review. Well worth watching!

9 January 2019: NEW BOOK RELEASE – How to Hack a Human: Cybersecurity for the Mind

An analysis of criminal and commercial data collection, control and influence in the era of the surveillance economy. With a foreword by psychologist Dr Marina Meeuwisse.

View the book on Amazon US here.

9 December 2018: NEW YouTube Video

10+ Human Hacks in 1 Minute; Can you spot them all?

29 November 2018: Keynote for the MIS Training Institute

“Why We Lost Our Data” a presentation for the Misti Ransomware e-summit based on the book Cybersecurity Exposed.

15 November 2018: BrightTalk Panel Discussion

Raef chairs a panel discussion with Ed Moyle (Prelude Institute) and Anthony Lee (DMH Stallard) on the topic: Privacy vs Cybersecurity; where the lines are drawn.

4 October 2018: InfoSec Magazine Panel.

Topic: The Keys to Securing Data in Motion.

28 September 2018: Sky News at 10pm – The Facebook Hack of 50m access tokens.

Raef comments on Sky News at 10 about the facebook security breach.

24 September 2018: NEW BOOK RELEASE – The Cybersecurity to English Dictionary, 4th Edition.

Over 400 cybersecurity terms translated into everyday English. Over 100 additional definitions in this edition.

20 September 2018: InfoSec Article.

The Evolving Language of Cybersecurity.

August 2018: Article in Q3 print edition of InfoSec Magazine.

Counterpoint on the problems created by the advancements in authentication.

7 June 2018: On camera panel BrightTalk @ InfoSec Conference London.

Topic: How to Create a Winning Cybersecurity Strategy.

6 June 2018: On-camera panel @ InfoSec Conference London.

Raef appears as a panellist on a filmed discussion on the topic of: Cybersecurity as a Board Issue.

25 May 2018: GDPR: Not Compliant Yet?

An ISACA Now blog post on the day that the new European Union regulation on data privacy goes live. Only 29% of enterprises are compliant so far according to an ISACA survey.

24 May 2018: GDPR: Tweets & Jokes

We made it on to several articles GDPR jokes with the twitter question “How many GDPR consultants does it take to change a lightbulb?’ (iNews Funniest Tweets)

23 May 2018: GDPR and Cybersecurity Webinar.

A BrightTalk webinar panel, moderated by Raef on the intersection between the new EU data privacy regulation and the topic of cybersecurity and encryption.

10 May 2018: Metin Mitchell – Banking on the Private Cloud.

The last of 4 guest blogs for Metin Mitchell. Read them all exclusively on the Metin Mitchell website!

10 May 2018: Whitehall Media Enterprise Cybersecurity Conference.

Presentation Topic: Nation States vs Cybercriminals – who should we be most afraid of and why?

9 May 2018: BrightTalk @ the AWS Summit.

Part of a Panel on ‘The Future of Cloud Security’ 

1 May 2018: InfoSec Magazine Article State of Cybersecurity 2018.

An article by Raef, referencing the ISACA State of Cybersecurity 2018 survey result. 

23 April 2018: TEISS Interview with Raef.

Anna Delaney interviews Raef on the threat and security trends to be aware of in 2018. Filmed interview can be seen here

19 April 2018: ISACA Netherlands Event Presentation.

Raef presented at the ISACA Netherlands conference – Top 10 Cyber Risks for 2018.

23 March 2018: Sky News.

Raef commented on a data exposure incident for Sky News.

21 February 2018: TEISS Conference Debate.

Raef mediated a debate on “Training or Tech – Where is the better return on investment?” at a TEISS conference.

8 February 2018: Computer Weekly: Swisscom Downplays Data Breach

Excellent article from Warwick Ashford, featuring input from Raef. Click the link to view the article.

7 February 2018: InfoSec Magazine: Panel Discussion on Managing 3rd Party Risk, Cloud & Security Complexity.

Excellent article from Michael Hill, based on a panel discussion involving 4 experts… 1 from Cyber Simplicity.

30 January 2018: InfoSec Magazine: No Silver Bullet to Fix GDPR.

An article prepared for ISACA International, written for InfoSec magazine by Raef. The article features 3 tips on solving compliance with the new European Union GDPR (data privacy) regulation.

29 January 2018: Is There Really A Cybersecurity Skills Shortage?

An article for recruitment consultancy Metin Mitchell, written by Raef Meeuwisse.

18 January 2018: Bright Talk Webinar: Crafting Smarter Security in 2018.

A very well attended webinar with an excellent panel… and we only got to talking about GDPR near the end. Click the link above for the on demand version.

28 November 2017: Conference Presentation on Cyber Risks for 2018.

Raef presented on behalf of ISACA International at the Whitehall Media Enterprise Security & Risk Management Conference.  Location: London, UK. Available to view on YouTube here.

6 October 2017: Computer Weekly: Security Think Tank.

Article on security analytics in Computer Weekly featuring Raef.

28 September 2017: InfoSec Magazine Webinar – Dealing with Unpredictable People and Passwords.

Participation as part of a panel in a cybersecurity related topic for InfoSec Magazine

26 September 2017: R3: Resilience, Response & Recovery Summit.

Raef chaired the TEISS Resilience, Response & Recovery Summit in London.

15 September 2017: Cybersecurity for Beginners Audiobook – NEW RELEASE.

The audiobook edition of Cybersecurity for Beginners, 2nd Edition is available now. Get it from Amazon, iTunes, …. Narrated by Danny Eastman of Cyber Fortified.

18 August 2017: ISACA GEIT for Healthcare released

ISACA members can download this brief publication prepared by Raef and the ISACA R&D team for FREE at the ISACA website. Read the related ISACA now blog post here.

14 July 2017: IT Pro Portal – Article on Ransomware Complacency.

If you were to believe the hype in some of the recent press coverage, cyber attacks, and more specifically some of the malicious software (malware), are getting dangerously clever. So clever, in fact, that you might be tempted to rename your web browser and email icons from their default names to “do not click here.”…

Read the article here.

29 June 2017: Computer Weekly – Can Low Cost Security Defeat Malware?

An article by Raef Meeuwisse on how low cost security measures can be effective against most malware attacks. 

29 June 2017: ISACA Now Blog Post – Not Petya Malware

Less than 2 months after the WannaCry outbreak, will Not Petya finally persuade the organizations that are still running without basic cyber hygiene to up their game? A blog post by Raef. 

22 June 2017: InfoSec Magazine Webinar – Password Management.

Participation as part of a webinar panel for InfoSec Magazine on the topic of Password Management – Raef spoke on the death of single factor authentication.  View it here.

30 May 2017: ISACA EuroCACS, Munich.

Raef presents the session ‘Cybersecurity Exposed: The Cyber House Rules’  with examples of what is and is not working in the real world.


12th May 2017: ISACA Now: Ransomware: Healthcare Organizations Cannot Afford to be Unprepared

Blog article from Raef Meeuwisse:


3 April 2017: InfoSec World, Orlando.

Raef presents the session ‘Do You Have A Megabreach Brewing?’ based on part of the new book ‘Cybersecurity Exposed: The Cyber House Rules’

28 March 2017:  ISACA Malta Conference

Raef presented at the ISACA Malta cybersecurity conference.


Cybersecurity for Beginners (2nd Edition) The same great best selling book, with the same chapter flow – Now updated to align with emerging frameworks, evolving threats and progressions in security techniques.

8 March 2017: NEW BOOK RELEASE

How to Keep Your Stuff Safe Online Any everyday person can protect themselves from the majority of online cybercrime using this inexpensive, accessible, concise and relatively jargon free set of online security guidance.


The Cybersecurity to English Dictionary (3rd Edition) was released, including even more of the latest terms.

2 January 2017: NEW BOOK RELEASE

Cybersecurity Exposed: The Cyber House Rules goes on general sale.

30 November 2016: Misti Article ‘The Breach is Not the Problem’

http://misti.com/infosec-news-trends/the-breach-is… Great article, featuring input and topics from the new book ‘Cybersecurity Exposed: The Cyber House Rules.

19 September 2016: Cybersecurity Explained in 3 Minutes

A go to FREE YouTube video that explains the basics of cybersecurity in the style of a 1940s public information film:

15 September 2016: ISACA Webinar: Shadow IT Cybersecurity

Raef will be a panellist at this ISACA event. Join thousands of other ISACA members at the event. More information available via this link: http://www.isaca.org/Education/Online-Learning/Pag…

9 September 2016: ISACA Now: Shadow IT What Is It and Is It Really Risky?

Blog article from Raef Meeuwisse:


August 2016: InfoSec Magazine ‘The Encrypted Pocketbook of Passwords’  

A great article from InfoSec Magazine based on ‘The Encrypted Pocketbook of Passwords’ password journal from Cyber Simplicity:


12 July 2016: London UK: EMC Hyper Converged Infrastructure Event

Raef will be presenting on the trajectory of cybersecurity, reviewing where it has come from, where it is right now and where it is expected to progress over the next decade.  The event will also include other sessions, including a presentation from the CTO at EMC.

Misti Article: The Evolution of Cybersecurity

A great article from Misti, based on an interview with Raef Meeuwisse from Cyber Simplicity.  http://misti.com/resources/the-evolution-of-cybers…

12-14 June 2016:  NEW BOOKS RELEASED

Cybersecurity: Home and Small Business, first edition is released in paperback and ebook.

The second edition of The Cybersecurity to English Dictionary was also released in paperback and ebook.

7 June 2016:  Misti Article by Katherine Teitler

This is an excellent article, based on an interview with Raef Meeuwisse on the topic of short CISO tenures: Avoid Being the InfoSec Scapegoat.

30 May – 1st June 2016:  ISACA EuroCACS, Dublin Ireland

Raef presented 2 sessions at the ISACA European conference this year, including one on Data Governance: Information is the New Security Perimeter.

20 May 2016: ISACA NOW Blog by Raef Meeuwisse

Information is the New Security Perimeter.